by Joseph Charles Wilfred Williams

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i thought that we would walk around the whole entire globe
and then stand there with our eyes shut waiting for the future to unfold.
newspaper print fingers and a heart of solid gold.

you remind me of a hotel by the sea
and an afternoon in deck chairs with the tide up to our ankles
as we waited for the sun to go on strike so we could leave.

hands up who remembers lazy saturdays?
and cold hands touching in your mothers four by four?
the years feel like decades
and yet the years they feel a lot like days.

i remember the dark, the freckles on your arms and the record spinning
and the day-by-day, as we lost what we had had at the beginning,
i know that all your friends said you could do better
and they were right after all.

i should have set myself on fire.
oh, what a way to illuminate a lost cause.

i'm not sure you ever forgave me for that afternoon in the museum
but I was sick to death of Pharaohs and I acted like a child, I know
you took a taxi and i made the short walk home on my own.

15 months gone by, no word of a lie
i guess another broken record won't give you back those years of your life.
the devil's in the details
and hanging on your shirt-tail.

i saw it coming, i read the signs
you cut your hair and i started to grow mine
i get sad when i think of us as two parallel lines.

the long distances we walked
only left us with aches in our muscles
and pains in our joints.
i think i loved you best when you weren't mine.

i should have set myself on fire.
oh, what a way to illuminate a lost cause.
i've been dreaming of you lately
but when i wake it doesn't hurt at all.


released 05 September 2014



all rights reserved


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